Ironside is a contemporary construction business specialising in multi residential apartment developments

Contemporary construction



The pursuit of perfection is our foundation.
Built by consistent and unsurpassed attention to detail. Resulting in the contemporary yet enduring products which form our legacy.

Ironside’s primary objective has always been to build an environment that encourages creativity, rewards hard work and breeds enthusiasm for both the task at hand and the future ahead.

Our people know that in order to achieve excellence, innovation is key, and we are constantly exploring, adopting new ideas and seeking sophisticated solutions.

We consistently push the boundaries of what others had previously thought possible, with the certainty that our ambitious, future facing team are imbued with the energy, passion and confidence necessary to implement the avant-garde practices that have made us a leader.


The Ironside ambition is driven by purpose.
We continuously elevate our expectations in our determination to develop enduring and timeless products—because it’s these products and our unfaltering commitment to service that attract our clients.

Continuously testing, trying and reflecting keeps the business agile and honest and it’s been our refusal to compromise on quality that has given us both our reputation and our direction.
It pushes us to the forefront because, for us, the pursuit of perfection is unending.

Managing Director

Luke Skurrie

Luke is a perfectionist. He has always been driven by understanding the nuances and relentlessly pursuing every detail in both his personal and professional life. This dedication to precision and excellence has given Ironside it's distinct reputation and unique market positioning.

With a degree in engineering, Luke began his career in one of the world’s largest construction firms, instilling in him a work ethic that is both highly determined and future thinking.

His enthusiasm for his chosen trade only grew at his next role at leading Australian developer where he was able to grasp the full process and life cycle of a building development site.

Armed with a plethora of knowledge and experience he moved to found Ironside in 2016.
His bold vision was one of integrity, innovation and leadership that shows rather than tells.

With an energy that is both unstoppable and infectious, he has overseen the growth of the Ironside team of equally dedicated professionals. Forging strong partnerships through collaboration, Luke aims to create enduring and rewarding outcomes for his clients and the entire Ironside team.



Leaving nothing to chance. The Ironside method begins with an undertaking of extensive research and thorough analysis prior to the commencement of every project. 

From initial feasibility studies and comprehensive cost analysis through to materials selection, value management and risk mitigation. The innovative Ironside team aims to future proof through exhaustive planning.

The pursuit of design excellence. Ironside has experience engaging in the design process with some of the most respected architectural practices both locally and internationally. 

As part of our design development process, we manage the consultant and subcontractor engagement, design review and coordination. This gives us the ability to ensure our incredibly high standards are met from as early as project conception.

Deriving the best outcomes. Ironside never compromises in our quest to increase profits for our clients by extracting value from every project. Due to our solid relationships, market understanding and innovative techniques we are uniquely placed to conduct and

develop a thorough cost estimate and analysis with detailed preliminaries and trade breakdowns. Everything we do in the cost planning stage is designed to achieve our client’s budget whilst, as always, maintaining the highest level of quality.

Guaranteeing our projects success from the onset. Our staff take pride in delivering beyond our client’s needs and expectations and this begins with the preparation and coordination of

construction management plans, building permits and contracts by our experienced project team. We nurture a strong council and key stakeholder relationships to accelerate project commencements and deliver outcomes that surpass expectations.

Delivering on our high-quality standards. Ironside’s reputation is built on handing over projects on time and with a meticulous level of attention to detail from the outset.

We follow through with rigorous project reviews, and it’s critical programming and production controls, quality assurance checks, and a strict focus on OH&S. Essentially, we believe that it is our stringent methodologies that ensures our ongoing delivery of projects that balances the requirements of efficiency and unsurpassed quality.

Going above and beyond. Ironside is firmly committed to maintaining effective project handovers that guarantee our level of excellence is upheld. Our rigorous quality control ensures the process of handover and finalisation is seamless and exceeds developer expectations.

Beyond that, we continuously maintain contact to offer our support and ensure our ongoing relationship with our clients are both positive and impactful.